Solar Savers Program

Maroondah City Council is currently rolling out the Solar Savers Program which aims to support pensioner households to install solar panels on their homes.

This offer is limited in number, and we would like to get the word out to pensioner households who want to install solar, and would be able to do so by paying off the system over 10 years.

If you are eligible, or if you are able to please help spread the word to friends and family who you think could be interested please see the information and contact details below to find out more.

Maroondah City Council is proud to be a part of the Solar Savers Program supporting pensioners to save on power bills and growing renewable energy.

Many pensioners are interested in going solar, but are put off by the upfront cost and complexity. Council’s new Solar Savers program is breaking down these barriers, helping pensioners to install solar with no upfront costs.

Participating households gradually pay for their solar panels through their quarterly rates payments, with power bill savings covering the cost of repayments. Solar Savers has done careful modelling to make sure every household is at least $100 in front at the end of each year.  

The program also takes the hard work out of solar, drawing on the expertise of councils and program partners to choose quality, reliable solar systems and a trusted installer.  

 Who is it for?

Solar Savers is open to pensioners from the Maroondah area who own their own homes and use most of their power during the day.

To register your interest by 26 June 2017, of to find out more, visit: or phone Solar Savers on 9385 8512.