Melbourne’s Harper family generously donated this four hectare Heathmont property to Trust for Nature in 1988.

Uambi, or Harpers as it is also known, is a remnant bush block of Mixed-Stringybark forest and it has been identified as “a very significant remnant of the original vegetation in the Heathmont Area”.  As such, conservation and protection of the biodiversity of Uambi is of the highest importance.  By doing so, it will preserve the indigenous vegetation, increase habitat quality and improve the historical significance of Uambi.

Uambi contains 175 indigenous vascular species and 87 exotic weeds.  There have been 16 indigenous bird species and 4 exotic species identified.  It is also noted that there is no other site within metropolitan Melbourne that provides such an excellent environment for butterflies except for Uambi.

Thanks to Will Harper for providing the beautiful photos of Uambi.

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