Thank you

Thank you to all the people who attended our morning tea last Sunday.  What a fantastic turnout.

The weather gods held back the rain and the planting was completed in record time (note for next year order an extra 100 plants!).  The mini market selling cakes and jams was a success and well done to our winner of the raffle.

I am quite sure that everyone had a great time.  Once again thanks for attending.  A few photos of the fun that was had!

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Community Garden

You may have noticed the Community Garden that is on Allens Road (adjacent to the Uambi Site).

Its coming along nicely and there is even a lovely place for you to sit and reflect on the beauty that is Heathmont!.

Thanks to Will Harper and his girls for all the hard work.  It looks amazing.

If you would like to contribute any plants (perhaps a lemon tree!) please speak to Will Harper or contact us on our email.


IMG_0604IMG_0606photo (1)photo

Working Bee: Sunday 7 July 2013

Hi All

Don’t forget our next working bee scheduled for Sunday 7 July 2013, at Uambi (Allens Road) from 10.00am till 1.00pm.

Please bring along any weeding tools that you have.  If you don’t have any tools that’s ok, as we will have spares. Dont forget your mug!

If you have any questions, please email us at heathmontbushcare[@]

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday :)

Heathmont Honey

Some of our readers may be aware of Heathmont Honey, but if not please read on for some information.

Heathmont Honey is a family bee keeping business which specialises in regional bush varieties, bee products and bee keeping information.

Paul, the owner of Heathmont Honey, started keeping bees at age 14 as a hobby and then took the next  step up to a small semi commercial business. He now owns and manages about 100 hives which produce a variety of honeys and sells most of his product at local farmers markets.  His bees are located at Mt Evelyn, Heathote and of course Heathmont

For more information please go to:

photo (1) photo