Uambi status update 04/09/20

Uambi update. Friday 4th Sept.

During the recent storm, Uambi suffered considerable damage in the form of fallen trees.

Much work has already been carried out to clear paths. However, there are still several trees leaning dangerously across the paths. Contractors have been hired to fell these trees, and this work will be done as soon as they are available to do it. (Suddenly, they are very busy!)

We hope to have Uambi open again by next weekend (12th Sept).

Thank you for your understanding – we are doing all we can to open Uambi as soon as possible.

The Uambi Committee of Management.

Save Our Sugar Gliders – Heathmont we need your help

Heathmont’s remaining sugar gilders need help, and you can be part of the solution. This project invites residents to become stewards for wild life. 

It wasn’t that long ago Sugar Gliders were a common sight in Heathmont, emerging at dusk and flying past you to their supper.   With wildlife corridors critical for our native fauna to survive and thrive, yet due to urban pressures many are disappearing unnoticed.  

Sugar gliders are a keystones species that will help us map remaining wildlife corridors. This project, spearheaded by First Friends of Dandenong Creek, and supported by Maroondah Council and Abzeco, records glider occupancy in specially designed, strategically placed nesting boxes. The boxes will be installed in reserves, schools and gardens. Trained experts will check their occupancy regularly and document the findings. Findings will inform a corridor strategy for the Heathmont area that First Friends of Dandenong Creek and Maroondah Council can use to protect, maintain and enhance our corridors.  With increasing urban development, the unseen corridors they live and travel in are disappearing.

Residents can join a monitoring group or host a ‘nest box’ tree home for gliders in their garden. There are 100 new nest boxes to be placed. Monitors will connect with like-minded others in a biannual audit (depending upon COVID restrictions) of gliders in boxes. Furthermore, they will know that their findings will help inform a dynamic corridor development strategy.

If you are interested in supporting this work and can host a nest box in your garden or school, then please contact us at:

Please note, you must fall within the Sugar Glider survey zone, which is the area bordered by Canterbury Road, Heathmont Road, Dandenong Creek and Wantirna Road.

Wish to thank Hon. Michael Sukkar MP for supporting our application to the Federal Government’s Communities Environment Program

Anthony Bigelow

First Friends of Dandenong Creek

Many thanks to Nalini Scarfe for permission to use the gorgeous photos of sugar gliders seen on this page.

July working bee cancelled

Dear Heathmont bushcarers,

Regrettably, due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation in Victoria, there will be no Bushcare working bee this Sunday 5th July. We hope that by September we can all meet again at Uambi.

In the meantime, stay well and perhaps take the opportunity to visit some of the bushland in Maroondah. I attach a link to Maroondah Council’s interactive map of walking trails and bushland in Maroondah.

Working Bees are back!

Hi All

Hope you are all well.

With Covid -19 restrictions now partially lifted it is allowable that we can gather for outside activities (with no more than 20 people) and have a working bee.

So if you feel like getting out and catching-up, come and join us at Dexter’s (46 Dickasons Road Heathmont) this Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Heathmont Bushcare working bees cancelled

In light of the Covid-19 Virus and Stage 3 restrictions no further working bees will be held until further notice. Please take care everyone and we look forward to gathering again in the near future.

Hope you and family well.


Roger Lord 
Team Leader Environmental Planning 
Maroondah City Council  Braeside Ave Ringwood
T 03 9298 4422 | M 0428 161 685 | F 03 9298 4345

Heathmont Bushcare at Local Sustainability Fair

Last Sunday 9th Feb, Heathmont Bushcare had a presence at the Local Sustainability Fair  which was sponsored by Transition Towns Maroondah. The fair attracted a sizeable number of people keen to learn more about how we can all lead more sustainable lives, and about what local people and businesses are doing to lessen their impact on the planet. Heathmont Bushcare’s stall was one of many and drew a constant stream of people interested to discover more about the work that we do in making Heathmont an even better place to live. Many were also keen to see how many of the insects, commonly found in the Heathmont area, that they could identify and what they could do to help establish insect friendly environments. You can also test yourself – see below! Many thanks to Gwyn for organising Heathmont Bushcare’s presence at this fair and for everyone who assisted on the day.

How many of the insects pictured here can you identify??

26 Insects.tif

Insects – Links on how to help and answers to the identification quiz above.




Art and Ecology with Aviva Reed

Saturday 7 December, 10:30 to 12:30pm
Ages 7+  Tickets: $5
Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery
32 Greenwoood Ave, Ringwood

As part of the R & M McGivern Prize exhibition The Anthropocene kids can join artist Aviva Reed in a collaborative art/ ecology workshop. Learn about what connects us with the environment and each other as a way to build a stronger, healthier and happier world. Learn about ecologies by making art with watercolour, charcoal and paper and take home your very own creations!

Art and Ecology Flyer

Ph: 9298 4553

The R & M McGivern Prize is on at Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery and ArtSpace at Realm from 23 November 2019 to 1 February 2020.

Heathmont Bushcare is turning 25!

Hold the date!!

Come celebrate 25 years of Heathmont Bushcare at Federation Estate (Ringwood) on Sunday 15 December 2019 between 12.00 – 4.00PM.

Lunch and drinks will be served.

To mark the occasion, please think about sharing your Heathmont Bushcare story(ies) and photos (if you have any).


RSVP: Please email to confirm your attendance and advise of any special dietary requirements before the 9th December.  Also, please email me your photos before this date.


Roger Lord


Bunnings Community Fun Day

Hi everyone,

This year on October 20th, Bunnings are running a Community Fun Day at their store in Bayswater from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

It would be good for Heathmont Bushcare to have a presence at this event in the form of a table with some information flyers and some people who would be willing to talk to people about the work Heathmont Bushcare does. Bunnings has given the following information:

 ‘As you know, Bunnings has a strong community involvement, and our Community Fun Day is a great way for you to let others in the community know what your group is all about. It also allows you to catch up and network with members of other community groups. Participation in the Community Fun Day is as simple as setting up an information table and talking to people about your community group. We have a capacity to allocate additional space if you would like to run demonstrations or performances, but this will be limited, so please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this’

Could I please call for volunteers who would be able to spend some time helping out on the day?

If you can help, please email me at the address below.

Heathmontbushcare [at]


Congratulations to Heathmont Bushcare for their Landcare Award nomination

Last Friday, 30th August, six representatives of Heathmont Bushcare gathered in excitement at Government House for the presentation of the 30th annual Landcare Awards. Heathmont Bushcare was nominated for the work we do in the Heathmont area, not only in regenerating the natural bushland, but for our engagement with the broader community through our association with Heathmont 3rd Scouts and all the valuable work done by our volunteers.

Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in gaining a prize, but it was inspiring to hear of the wonderful work being done by other environmental groups. It was heartening to hear that the necessity of taking better care of the environment, starting with the local environment, is getting through to more and more people. We are inspired to strive even harder in our efforts to manage and improve the local bushland, and to encourage more people to join us in our efforts.

Improve Dandenong Creek – your input sought!

Great opportunity to continue improving our Dandenong Creek – your input sought!

 Melbourne Water is commencing the next round of Enhancing our Dandenong Creek (EODC) and is developing a project/program list for the next 5-years.

So far and based on the balance of community values and stakeholder input, this comprises:

Pollution Reduction

  • Monitoring and citizen science
  • Enforcement and compliance
  • Pollution treatment (WSUD)

Parklands, Floodplains, Billabongs and Wetlands

  • Billabongs, wetlands, parks and floodplain improvements focusing on biodiversity, ecology and habitat
  • Geomorphology, form and naturalisation (potential daylighting projects)

Amenities and Access

  • Access review and masterplan

Enhanced Traditional Owner Values and Activities

  • Initial scoping with Traditional Owners. Activities likely to fall across other themes, but may include specific activities or actions that come about from engagement

Sewerage management

  • QMRA
  • Screening
  • Improve reporting – ie with Council

Communications, engagement and behaviour change activities

  • Foundational program than runs across and supports all of the above projects,
  • Specific activities, initiatives (particularly for education)
  • Coordinating and driving engagement

Kicking off Parklands, Floodplains, Billabongs and Wetlands!

The Parklands, Floodplains, Billabongs and Wetlands project was the top opportunity which emerged, and one with a lot of potential to deliver significant outcomes for Dandenong Creek.

It encompass a number of opportunities and actions that have been previously identified:

–      Wetland and billabong rehabilitation program (Winton, Scott St, Koomba Park, exploring new wetlands etc)

–      Floodplain and parkland rehabilitation program (focusing on VicRoads and Parks Vic areas in particular, in particular the Dandenong Valley Parklands)

–      Improving amenity and physical form by reinstating natural features

–      Weed control and revegetation along Dandenong Creek and tributaries

Please look over this and identify any specific projects you want to further explore or provide other project ideas (preferably with specific locations).  Please add your ideas to the attached “…Ideas List: document  or email Roger at
Looking forward to hearing from you and just letting you know we already have a project scoped and identified by Brian for Bungalook Creek (refer links below).
 Roger Lord
Coordinator Environmental Planning

Melbourne Water project proposal

Improving Dandenong Creek ideas

Snake safety talk

Cos                   This is a free event

Contact             Jen Ellison          1300 368 333


Saturday, 07 September 2019 10:00AM – 12:00PM

This talk by Black Snake Productions will equip you with knowledge about local snake and spider species and how to calmly and effectively deal with a potentially life-threatening situation if it arises.

This session will focus on:

  • Safety awareness and preventative measures
  • First aid treatment of snake and spider bites
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Local snake and spider identification and behaviour

Identifying snake and spider habitat. This is a free event, bookings essential – please use the form below (find at link above.).

Cost                   This is a free event

Contact             Jen Ellison          1300 368 333