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Come along to our next exciting meeting of TTM on Sunday 25 May!

It’s from 6-9pm, with the first hour centering around sharing a light meal. (Please bring something to share.)
At 7 we’ll kick off with a short meeting, which will be followed by:

  • a short presentation from Mandy on some ways to bring about change.
  • games organised by Mary.
  • special interest groups eg food/transport (with a special focus on getting some projects off the ground).
  • and/or a segment on measuring our carbon footprint.

We look forward to seeing you for some or all of our next gathering, as we work towards making a more sustainable Maroondah!

Transition Town Maroondah News

Hi All

Our next monthly gathering is on Sunday 27th October

At: The Community Hall, Knaith Rd Reserve, Ringwood East
(down the end of a long driveway, Melway 50 B8)

6 p.m Bring and Share – pot luck dinner

7 p.m.  Action Planning Part Two – following up on some of the plans begun last month

Film: The Story of Solutions – very short and punchy

Brief intro to book:  The Power of Just Doing Stuff by Rob Hopkins

Discussion of The New Economy in 20 Enterprises (Transition Network) – the 20 most successful and replicable enterprises selected from 120 around the UK. From the blurb:

‘What distinguishes them is that each… demonstrates a different way of working from business as ususal…’

Some examples: bakeries, transport initiatives, community pubs, employment enterprises, community supported agriculture, renewable energy generation ventures… and lots more.

We hope to bring a copy of the publication along for people to browse too.


On behalf of
Transition Towns Maroondah

Creating resilient and sustainable communities in Maroondah

Transition Town Maroondah: First Meeting for 2013

Transition Town Maroondah will have their first monthly gathering for 2013!

It will be held on Sunday 24th Feb in the community hall, Knaith Road, Ringwood East. (The hall is at the end of a long driveway in Knaith Road, up the Dublin Road end. Very close to station, accessible by public transport.)

The meeting starts at 6pm.  See full details below:

6 p.m.Bring and Share meal, then
7 p.m.Two short films (15 – 20 min each)

James Hansen (NASA’s top climate scientist): Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change 


Paul Gilding  (an independent writer, advisor and advocate for action on climate change and sustainability) : The Earth is Full

Some discussion will follow the films, then some planning of specific projects/actions that are currently in the melting pot, in particular, one or two relating to transport/cycling and the other to food. There will be an opportunity for anyone to share their own ideas for action as well, or what people are already doing. E

Maroondah Festival – 2012

Hi All,

Coming up real soon is the Maroondah Festival which will be held on Sunday 11 November 2012 at Town Park, Norton Road Croydon.  This festival will be a great day out and it is completely free to attend!.

Last years activities included:

  • Main Stage
  • Fun and Fitness Arena
  • Kids Kingdom
  • Community Expo
  • Market stalls
  • Food stalls
  • Roving entertainment
  • Workshops

Also, Transition Town Maroondah will be hosting a re-skilling workshop.  Don’t forget to say hello to their members.

For full details follow this link:

Hope to see you all there.

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Transition Town Maroondah


Hope you are enjoying the weekend.  The bushcare group was hard at work this morning (more to come in next post) and it was great to get outside, even if it was slightly cold!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Transition Town Maroondah (TTM).  Their vision for Maroondah is a “Transition Town achieving zero net emissions by 2020; a sustainable and resilient community maximising participation and re-localisation“.

TTM is committed to creating and building a sustainable community and there are various events and workshops that you can attend.   TTM has a monthly meeting and the next one is scheduled for the 27 May 2012.

If you would like to get involved with TTM and for more information on TTM please go to their website: