Heathmont History Group projects

Greetings to everyone from the Heathmont History Group. 

Two of our current projects involve the eleven Nature Reserves in Heathmont. Our orchard tribute decals on 150 bollards in the shopping strip encouraged the Maroondah Council to invite us to decorate the 25 new ones about to be installed on the other side of Canterbury Road, outside nos.  149-163, up from Active Feet to ex-La Porchetta. We accepted, and decided to base these illustrations on the natural flora and fauna of Heathmont, with at least one from each of the eleven Reserves.

Most of you know this already, and have offered us A3 or A4 portrait-format photos or sketches . Thankyou – many are very suitable, attractive, and indeed quite striking, so that selecting which ones to use is already a challenge. We are waiting to receive Images from a couple of the Friends groups and from invited artists.

Another of our projects requires a photo or sketch in landscape format, please. Heathmont was first named in 1923, andas part of the early celebrations of Heathmont Hundred 1923-2023, our History Group and Heathmont Bushcare are jointly producing a 2023 Centenary calendar. Here again the illustrations will feature the eleven Reserves, one for each and the twelfth for heath! 

For this project, we invite you to submit one or two of your favourite images.

Each of these projects needs printing soon, so if you can provide images within the next few weeks, that would be appreciated.

Heathmont History Group meets weekly on Tuesdays 10.15 – 12 noon at Food Coffee Friends café 151 Canterbury Road. 

There is an open invitation for anyone to drop in for a coffee/chat. We also hope to see you at the launch of the Centenary Calendar in October, where you will be able to purchase many copies of the publication to which you have contributed an image, and eventually enjoy your company at the “Walk in the Park” Centenary Reserves weekend, September 2-3, 2023!

Please contact me with any suggestions or queries about these and our other activities.

Cheers and thanks

Gerry Robinson  

Heathmont History Group     0418 867 255