Images of plants, animals and insects in Heathmont

Many thanks to Gwyn Davies for these gorgeous photos! Her notes on these photos are below.

1. House Spider, now that I have re-checked, looks like this is the Grey House Spider, Badumna longinqua – similar to the Black, but a bit different.

2. Acacia verticillata, back-lit in sunlight.

3. Bee Fly, family Bombyliidae. A bee mimic.

4. Bachelor native bees – the males hang about during the day, in small groups on the Poa flower stems. They might be Masked Bees but I can’t see their faces!

5. Probably a Geometrid Moth – the larva would be a ‘looper’ caterpillar.

6. Small orange spider in Bursaria bush.

7. Round-eyed Striped Noctuid Moth, Grammodes ocellata. It was on my gate rail – nearly ran it over!

8. The breeze bellying the web of this tiny orb spider.

9. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos – 5 came in the early morning after my Blackwood snapped off. They are feasting on the beetle larvae which caused its demise.

10. Young Crimson Rosella.

11. Young King Parrot. If you sit still regularly in the bush (my garden) birds sometimes come up quite close – young birds especially are curious!

12. Fairy Moth, a Nemophora sp. probably N. sparsella. Only about 1-1.5cm long. Associated with, and feeds on, Bursaria spinosa.

13. Same species, but dancing in a little cloud above a Bursaria spinosa near the wetland ponds by Dandenong Creek, in Heathmont. The antennae of the males are about 2 1/2 times the length of the body, and they have some metallic patterning on the wings.