2nd Goat Update

Heathmont Bushcare’s goat project continues to be an enormous success. Anyone who has walked past the goat enclosure recently (and managed to push their way through the admiring throngs of passers-by to actually see the goats!), will have noticed a huge improvement to the area in only two weeks. The goats have done a wonderful job of chomping their way through kikuyu grass, non-indigenous wattle species, pittosporums, blackberries and English ivy. All this, whilst leaving the indigenous grasses and other indigenous vegetation alone! It won’t be long before the process of re-planting the area with indigenous species plants can begin.

The only minor downside was an incident which occurred last week when someone, or people, dismantled part of the fencing, opened up the goat enclosure, and then led the goats out on to the nearby ovals. However, thanks to help of some locals, they were quickly rounded up, they were shepherded safely back into the enclose, the fence panels were moved back into place and the fixings re-attached. Thanks to those who helped out.

The next phase of the plan is that the goats will be spend some time away from this enclosure which will give the weedy vegetation some time to re-grow, and then the goats will be brought back. In this way, the weeds will never get time to grow seed and, as any re-growth is chewed away, the plants will lose their vigour and die.

In the meantime, please feel free to drop by the goat enclosure and say a big hello to our hard working environmentalists!

What a difference 2 weeks with goats makes to this previously weed infested area!