Climate change adaptation — have your say

Help Maroondah adapt to a changing climate and provide your input into Maroondah’s first Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy.

Climate change has the potential to disrupt various aspects of our lives – with effects and impacts on the special places we love in Maroondah.

In particular, we need to plan for the likelihood of more intense rainfall and storm events, flooding, prolonged drought conditions, and more heatwaves.

The hotter drier conditions combined with an increase in the frequency, severity and extent of extreme weather events is likely to multiple existing risks and associated costs faced by Council.

At a basic level, climate change will affect our natural environment, health, leisure activities and costs.

The good news is that by addressing big sustainability challenges like climate change, we can help improve Maroondah in many ways.

Discussion paper

Council has prepared a discussion paper that focuses on our adaptation response in preparation for the first edition of the Climate Risk and Adaptation Strategy. The discussion paper outlines:

  • Our climate risks: with impacts and effects for Council across service areas, some of which interface with the community.
  • Our goals: to move towards climate resilient people and places in Maroondah.
  • Our adaptation-shaping principles: what best practice adaptation means for Maroondah.
  • Our key directions and priority action areas: to reduce vulnerability of the people and places at risk of climate change and embed Council’s commitment to climate adaptation in Maroondah.

Feedback welcome

Questions are posed throughout the discussion paper and your comment is invited. You can download the discussion paper from the Council website found here: