Open day @ UAMBI – Thank you

Hi all bush-carers, it’s been a tiring but really wonderful day! Not only was the weather perfect for Heathmont Bushcare’s Open Day at Uambi, but we had a great turnout of people, some regulars and a whole lot of new people, many interested in keeping in closer contact with Heathmont Bushcare and our activities. It was especially great to see many families with young kids!!

Some statistics for you – 123 people signed their names on the sign-in sheet. No doubt there were many kids who weren’t signed in, so a great turnout!

We also raised a good amount of money, considerably more than last year. We can buy a whole lot more plants with this, or perhaps a hole digger, signage… Lots of possibilities! A lot of people commented on how effective the signs along the railway line were. Would love to hear your thoughts.

A big thank you to everyone who helped either on the day, in the lead up, digging, mulching, planting, co-ordinating, planning, preparing, clearing up, serving, directing…so many roles with so many people assisting. A great team effort!!

Sleep well tonight, I know I will!

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