Community Leadership Training Program

Hi All

Please see an event hosted by Whitehorse City Council:

Attached is a flyer for an event we are organising as part of a Community Leadership Training Program we are delivering as part of State Government Funded grant.

This event was originally conceived as a regular training session for participants in this program, which aims to support Whitehorse community members to design local projects reducing the amount of food waste sent to landfill. However, as we were designing this session we realised that it would be valuable to open the session to anybody interested in developing a community based project (regardless of whether it is based in waste reduction/sustainability or not).

To this end I’d like to invite you to promote this event throughout your networks, and invite any members of community groups you regularly work with who you feel would benefit from this session.

Bookings are required, full details of the event can be found in the attached flyer.

Green Renters are facilitating the session, they are a community based organisation who have a long history in the sustainability and tenant advocacy sectors.

Speakers include representatives from:

• Open Table

•Whitehorse Urban Harvest Swap

•Coburg Better Block


As well as our own Councillor Bill Bennett

Topics covered include –

· Emerging and established community projects

· Get involved in your local community

· Learn tips and strategies for starting your own project

· How to get funding

Flyer details found here:

community panel event flyer1