Metro Trains destruction

Unfortunately we have been informed by one of our members, that Metro Trains has “massacred” the last stretch of remnant indigenous bush along the railway line between Bedford Road and Heathmont Station.  You will note the photos below, which were only taken recently, showing the beautiful spring flowers.  The second set of photos shows the destruction.

It is fair to say that Metro is concerned about trees which may fall across the railway tracks and also have concerns that their drivers may have for impeding vision of the railway tracks, but the total destruction of the area is a step too far.

Our member did make a complaint to Metro and they were advised that the area was cleared because of overhanging branches, signal clearance and bushfire risk!  (minimal at the least!)

However, importantly, Metro Trains went on to say that Keep Australia Beautiful may be able to maintain such a significant bush area (as they maintain other areas which Metro is aware of and keeps away from).

Perhaps this is something we as a group can consider to include in our working bees in conjunction with some assistance from either our local council or Keep Australia Beautiful.

Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated so please contact us on our email address.