Working Bee: 3 June 2012 at Heathmont Park

What a great turnout from fellow Heathmontians at our local park!

Heathmont Park is a mixed area.  In some places there are lots of woody weeds  such as pittosporum, Acacia longifolia, Acacia elata and cotoneaster.  In other places, exotic grasses like kikuyu, panic veldt grass and sweet vernal are rampant.  And of course there is the blackberry patch and the tradescantia.

Elsewhere, however, the indigenous vegetation is dense and effectively keeping weeds at bay.  The many seedlings of correa and prickly currant indicate a healthy, thriving ecosystem.  As well, Heathmont Park is noted for its stands of allocasuarina trees.

At this time of year the correas are in full bloom and orchid leaves are just emerging ahead of their flowers.  Thanks to the good rainfall, fungi of many shapes and sizes, and in subtle shades of brown, tans, fawns and creams are flourishing.  Hiding under the grasses are small puff balls with their delicate “petals” opening out like stars.  A tree trunk is home to a cluster of tiny white parasols. Peeping from under fallen leaves are the glistening burnt orange caps of small toadstools.

Despite the threat of rain, a good number of volunteers arrived to battle the weeds.  The massive pile of pittosporum, weedy wattles and blackberries, plus the many large bags of soft weeds, indicate just how much was achieved.